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Miss Duygu's 5th Grade, Ozbag Orcun Primary School - Kirsehir, Turkey

Hello, We finished working on the creation of our monster. Now we are thinking about its name and its life story. I talked about our last year projects to my new students and I showed them the pictures and videos. They LOVED !! All of my students wanted to join in this monster project and they all brought stuff for our monster. They are working as groups. While some of them were working on the monster's body the others worked on the other parts. The thing that attracts my attention is that during breaks the students go to the monster's room and looking at it :)) They also say that they want to participate in next year again. Duygu and her class

Cupertino, California - "We're working as fast as we can. We've had some absolutely amazing moments. I can't say enough about what a wonderful project this is. I'm writing up some reflections, and I'll share one. There is a student with behavioral issues, but in this project, that student is so into it! There are moments when the student doesn't know what to do, but as soon as someone helps direct, that student takes off. The student has an aide, and she had tears of pride and joy in her eyes as that student worked well along with the other students today.

There's more amazing things occurring too. Also, both classes are working together ~40 students in one room and they WORK. The teachers (and me when I am there) don't actually need to do anything. We walk around and look for teachable moments and scaffold their learning, e.g., we helped some students determine how to measure 5 feet with 12 inches... but, the students are working hard to create on their own. We all love the project! Thanks!" Judi Fusco

Wheat Ridge, CO - Hi all, It has been so much fun looking at all of the monsters as they start to trickle in. Our classroom has turned into monster central. There isn't a whole lot of space that is not being occupied by monster parts. The kids have been working incredibly hard at putting their plans into action and building their parts. We have a daily "State of the Monster Address" from each group and problem solve anything that comes up. The team work and problem solving have been exceptional. There have been plenty of memorable moments...such as yesterday when a paper mache part went awry, and the group and I were covered with paper mache shrapnel...good times:) Lol. We should have our monster complete early next week. We may have the room cleaned by early next year...:) Melissa Superty, 4th Grade teacher, Wilmore Davis Elementary, Wheat Ridge, CO

This is this the fourth grade classroom at Lafayette Regional School. We just finished today a two hour marathon of paper mache. Before the marathon today, we went through several rolls of masking tape, two bike boxes, and lots of paper. On Monday we will dress the monster with paint and begin to accessorize it. On our blog is a sneak peek at the monster. Luckily it rolls around easy on its skateboard and travels to and from the art room. (Great idea of the skateboard) The only interesting part was it didn’t fit through the door without some creativity. The monster is now sleeping (drying) for weekend. The kids are guessing how long it would take to paint an 8 foot monster. That’s all the monstrous news in this neck of the woods.
Mr. Garret Ferguson and the Fourth Grade
Lafayette Regional School
149 Main Street

Franconia, NH 03580

Mr. Smith's Class - underway with initial design prototypes:
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