Know a Monster Joke? Is it Scaringly Funny?????



10. Where do baby ghosts go during the day? Dayscare Centers!

9. Monster: Someone told me Dr Frankenstein invented the safety match.
4th Grader: Yes, that was one of his most striking achievements.

8. In Monster-Science-Land, there once was a Monster proton. It went to Dairy Queen and said, "I would like some vanilla ice cream." The waiter said, "Are you sure?" The Monster proton said, I'm positive!!!"

7. What do you get if Frankenstein stepped on Batman and Robin?
Flatman and Ribbon

6. Why did the little kindergarten monster cry at school?
It wanted its Mummy.

5. Why wouldn't the skeleton cross the road?
It didn't have any guts!

4. [A joke we read about monsters....From Pakistan]

Q: Do monsters eat popcorns with fingers?
Ans: NO, they eat the fingers separately!

3. [A joke we read about monsters....From Pakistan]

A very tall monster with several arms and legs, all of different lengths, went into a tailor's shop.
'I'd like to see a suit that will fit me,' he told the tailor.
'So would I, sir,' said the tailor. 'So would I.'

2. Have you heard of the Monster Brothers? Go Here for the video.

1. question: How do you get to a monster's house? answer: Take a fright at the dead end!