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3. To Charles in Kenya from Terry Smith in Hannibal: My class would like to know some words from your language. Can you send us some examples of words such as: hello, goodbye, and I lost my homework?

From Charles in Kenya 10-4-08:
Hi Eugene Class. Our local national language in Kenya is Kiswahili though English is official. Hello means Habari Yako or Jambo. Goodbye means Kwaheri. I lost my home work means Nilipoteza kazi yangu ya shule ya kufanyia nyumbani. Word by word: Nilipoteza: i lost; kazi:work; yangu:my; shule:school; nyumbani:home. Feel free to ask another question. Goodbye. Value Added Academy kids.

2. Mr. Smith's class to Pakistan: Where will you put your Monster in your school and why?

To Mr.Smith's class from Pakistan: Hey! that was the questions raised by all in the school, the kids were eager to know where would we be setting up this Huge, Ugly creature!!, long before we even started to build there were different ideas floating in the class.
Like we can have it in our Media Lab (thats where we have the projector & other facilities) so that we can use it to create some movies.... the other idea was to place it on a movable board, so that it can peek into every room of the school and be as a display in different places like the reception area where we have the Kids' Corner or perhaps in the Robotics room to be an inspiration for kids to create a monster using lego pieces!...
Well, we have not decided to stick onto which option, but will surely be one of the above! do tell us what is your plan :)

Smithclass answer: We are looking for a large space in the hall and will probably put it at the top of the stairs. We are on the 3rd floor and everyone coming up would see it when they reached the top. 10/16/07